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      Department store closed over roof concerns

      <font size="2">Kohl's in Marquette</font>

      The Kohl's Department store remains closed at its site at the Westwood Mall in Marquette Township.

      When contacted Tuesday morning, Kohl's Corporate offices had no additional information but did confirm that the store remains closed.

      The department store was closed Monday evening over safety concerns of the store??s roof.

      At approximately 6 p.m., TV6 received a call from a customer at Kohl??s saying they were asked to check out and leave the department store.We contacted Kohl??s corporate headquarters and received an email back confirming their early closure.

      The statement reads:"We temporarily closed our Marquette, Michigan store as a precautionary measure so we could assess the pressure of the roof due to the snow."

      The department store is working with the "appropriate parties" to evaluate the situation and anticipate it will reopen soon.The chain did not say when they think the store will reopen.