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      Deployed soldier sees son graduate

      Graduation is one of the biggest moments parents dream aboutâ?|watching their child receive their high school diploma.

      Too often many soldiers miss this while they're deployed. However, modern technology is helping service men and women be there for their childâ??s success.

      When school officials realized one studentâ??s father would be unable to attend, they worked with Veteran Affairs Officer, Chuck Lantz to make sure Michael Krasowska didn't miss his son Koryâ??s big day.

      â??He was going to miss his sonâ??s graduation, so our idea was to Skype the soldier so he could see his son graduate while he was deployed,â?? says Chuck.

      After the graduation, Koryâ??s family and friends were emotional as they all took turns saying hello to Michael.

      When his dad was deployed, Kory thought he would surely miss his graduation. Luckily that wasnâ??t the case, and Kory tuned out everything else in the room when he finally got the chance to speak with his father.

      â??It was really greatâ?|it felt like he was here to see it which was a wonderful thing,â?? says Kory.

      Kory was happy to see him even if it was through a computer. He wasted no time telling his dad how much he loved him.

      The Krasowska family and friends all send their well wishes to Michael whoâ??s currently stationed in Texas, and all want to remind him how much he's truly missed.