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      Deputy stabbed at Pine Mountain Ski Jump

      A stabbing incident occurred Sunday afternoon during the Pine Mountain Ski Jumping tournaments, resulting in the arrest of a 74-year-old Norway man.

      During the last day of the ski jumping competitions, an alleged stabbing incident took place around noon. Authorities reported that two Dickinson County Sheriff's deputies were patrolling the event when the suspect, identified as Andrew Bray, approached them from behind and stabbed on of them in the back. According to the sheriff's department, the deputies were able to knock the knife out of the suspect's hand and he was taken into custody.

      The investigation revealed that Bray had attended the event to target a deputy, although no particular deputy was the target, according to the sheriff's department. The deputy was treated at the scene by Beacon Ambulance.

      Local tailgaters say they could see some action with law enforcement and the individual.

      "Yeah, we were standing right here in our shack about 100 yards up and we seen two deputies tackle a guy, and they put the handcuffs on him, and they ended up walking right by our shack here; it was really kinda strange," said an eyewitness.

      The Iron Mountain Police Department and Dickinson County Sheriff's Department are not releasing any information regarding the incident at this time.