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      Derby girls looking for fresh meat

      The Dead River Roller Derby team is looking for fresh meat.

      They held an open house Sunday in Marquette. Dozens of young women showed up at the Lakeview Arena. They tried on skates and gear, got a little lesson from the experts, and learned how they can sign up for the fresh meat program that starts July 1.

      The team wants to remind all women that the sport is very unique and geared only toward the female.

      "It's really the only full contact sport for women that didn't originate as a man sport," said Treasurer Jessica Shull. "There's football for women and hockey for women, but this is roller derby, and it's always been women for women, and it's just fantastic fun, and it's a great way to exercise and get your aggression out and make new friends."

      For information on how to sign up and requirements, contact Amy Lakanen at (906) 458-3961.