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      Details on the Iron County ballot

      Caspian, Iron River, Crystal Falls, and almost all of Iron County will see city and community issues on the ballot on Tuesday for Election Day. In Crystal Falls, there will not be a City Council election, but voters will decide to renew a 1.5-mill levy for fire protection and rescue services. This is not a new levy; it is simply a renewal of the now-expired one.

      Moving on to Iron River, all four seats on the City Council are on the ballot for two- or four-year terms. Their ballot also shows an amendment to a current city charter regarding council service restrictions.

      â??Essentially you cannot serve on the Council and sit on another authority board or legislative board that does business with the city,â?? explained Iron River City Manager, Perry Franzoi.

      If this amendment is voted on by citizens, it would end that current restriction. â??The rationale for that proposal amendment was to allow more people to become more involved in the city government by eliminating it from the charter,â?? Franzoi said.

      In Caspian, the old millage for the community center has expired; this means on Tuesday, voters will be able to renew that millage for the center which is a one-mill levy. Caspian is also seeing city commissioner seats on the ballot. To view what is on the ballots in Iron County, visit the county website here.