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      Detective Captain retires from Marquette Police Dept.

      Friday was Detective Captain Gordie Warchock's last day with the Marquette City Police Department, before heading into retirement.

      Those on the department say he will deeply be missed.

      "He was a great contributor to the community as well in that he had a lot of outside activities associated with the Police Department, but in the general public. That's probably what I will miss most," said Chief Mike Angeli.

      Warchock started with the department as a patrolman in 1989.

      "It's a great experience. It's a great time as many reflect. You talk to the guys you work with for 25 years and you reflect on things you did as a police officer, most of the times it comes back to situations you handle on the roads," said Detective Captain Gordie Warchock.

      He quickly jumped the ranks in 1995 he became the Third Street community police officer. What is his greatest achievement?

      "You know to become a detective. I enjoyed investigating crimes that was the one part of Law enforcement I really enjoyed. So, it was my goal to get there," said Warchock.

      He was even able to participate in the FBI National Academy in 2004.

      Others on the force will miss his leadership, and patience.

      "He's very tolerant when people are in his face and aggressive towards him. He diffuses situations very nicely very quickly," said Detective Lieutenant Michael Wasi.

      Warchock says he has no regrets, but made the decision to step down because he wants to spend more time with his family.