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      Dia de Los Tacos comes to Marquette

      If you like Mexican food, you might consider Dia de Los Tacos. The man behind the Dia de Los Tacos food truck is owner, Mike Walker.

      "Every time I think about tacos, it makes me smile. It's just a wonderful, bold food that's real exciting," said Walker.

      Walker has always loved Mexican cuisine and visits many restaurants in Detroit and Portland. He got into cooking it about 10 years ago, but after getting laid off when the Upfront closed in October, he took a chance on a dream.

      "Having been in Portland for years, food trucks were very prevalent there, and we decided, let's go with that idea. It's a little less expensive and kind of a new concept in town," Walker said.

      During the last eight months, he's received his licenses and permits, as well as purchasing a big blue truck.

      "We got 90 miles back from purchasing it, and the engine blew up in Peshtigo, Wisconsin," Walker added.

      Walker says despite the bumps on the roads, it's been worth serving tacos. The food is all gluten-free.

      On the menu they have four different types of tacos to choose from: chicken, pork, veggie and Chorizo. They even have taco dessert and Pupusa, which is from El Salvador. It's a grilled corn cake filled with cheese on the inside.

      With a small crew to help, Walker spends at least eight hours preparing the food. So far his customers love it.

      "It's fresh and fabulous, you know. Very, very good quality food for three bucks, I mean you can't beat that," said Keith Glendon.

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