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      Diabetes summer camp for kids

      It's time for Camp UPeninsulin!

      Camp UPeninsulin is a camp for children, ages nine to fifteen, who are living with type one diabetes, and this year, it runs July 30 through August 3.

      For someone without diabetes, just going into the fridge and grabbing a snack is a normal occurrence. But for someone with diabetes, picking out which snack you can eat at that time, and how much, is a whole other ball game.

      The Director for the Upper Peninsula Diabetes Outreach Network says the camp is a great place for children with diabetes to connect with each other and not feel alone in their diagnosis, while still enjoying a fun sleep-away camp experience.

      "I think this camp is particularly important for kids with diabetes because often, they're the only child in their classroom. For some, they may be the only child in their school who's living with diabetes," said Ann Constance, Director for the Upper Peninsula Diabetes Outreach Network.

      And doctors agree.

      "When you go to camp, everybody has diabetes. Even the counselors have diabetes. And it opens their eyes that, I'm not alone in this. Everybody else has it. And it helps them learn how to control their diabetes better. But most important, they can just have a good time at camp," said Dr. Michael Grossman, a Family Physician.

      And most of the camp costs are covered.

      "There's an independent committee that oversees it, which we're a part of. There's a generous sponsor who pays for all of the direct costs of the camp now, so we're not as dependent upon fundraising for the camp," Constance said.

      Another way the Upper Peninsula Diabetes Outreach Network raises funds for the camp and other diabetes projects, is with the proceeds from the Teal Lake Swim.

      This year, the Teal Lake Swim will take place on Saturday, July 27, with Olympic mMedalist Peter Vanderkaay in attendance.

      To register for the Teal Lake Swim or Clear Lake Diabetes Camp, click here.