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      Dial Help available to deal with winter blues

      Battling the blues this time of year can be difficult for many people.

      "Dial Help" in Houghton is one business that assists people with depression, as well as sexual assault and domestic abuse victims. Kevin Weir, the information manager at Dial Help, says the business is open 24 hours a day so people can contact them at any hour. Weir says Dial Help volunteers talk with each person to figure out what the best method will be for them to deal with their depression.

      "We're going to try to identify coping skills, especially coping skills that they might have used in the past that were helpful. That might be going out for a walk, it might be something as simple as having a cup of tea, maybe remembering that their pet is there might be something they could do as well," said Weir.

      Dial Help offers Internet messaging, phone calling, and text messaging services. Contact Dial Help by calling the local crisis helpline: (906) 482 HELP [4357], Victim Services Hotline: (866) 661-5589 or text: 906-35-NEEDS [63337]