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      Diamond status for Portage Health Dialysis Center

      Portage Health's Dialysis Center was recently rated by the Renal Network of the Upper Midwest as a 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program."It's quite an accomplishment for us to have achieved this. This was not a requirement but a recommendation of participation, and there are not a lot of units that accomplished this," said Director of Portage Healthâ??s Dialysis Center, Karen Kelley.The dialysis center had to complete five modules to gain diamond status which includes hand hygiene and immunizations."After we did a specific module, staff were responsible for implementing components of that module. As an example, they would sit down with the patients and we had word scrambles that we could do with the patients, and it really opened up a dialogue so that there was an increased comfort level,â?? Kelley said.Margaret Noble is a patient at the center. She suffers from kidney failure, and she has been on dialysis for the past nine years.Noble says the 5-Diamond recognition is very meaningful."Itâ??s a wonderful establishment. They treat me wonderfully and the treatment is going very well, and I have it three times a week," said Noble.Karen Kelly says the entire staff helped achieve the 5-Diamond status, and now they can walk away with a sense of pride and confidence.