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      Dianda declares Frisbee Day in Michigan

      State Representative Scott Dianda has issued a resolution declaring July 6 as Frisbee day in Michigan in honor of the 56th annual Guts tournament this weekend.

      Dianda presented local Guts teams with a tribute certificate for the declaration and the sport.

      Guts was invented in Eagle Harbor in 1958 and has since grown across the country and even to other countries.

      The 2013 Guts games will be this Saturday and Sunday in Calumet with a hall of fame dinner Saturday night featuring a discus documentary.

      Dianda says he hopes Guts will continue to encourage younger children to get active.

      â??We're just proud to see that we've got people coming from other areas of the country along with having some folks come from international to come here to be with us and play Frisbee,â?? said Dianda. â??It means a lot. This is just a great thing to get the youth out, kids are going to be out, we'll get them out on the field, have a good time.â??

      About a dozen teams will participate in the tournaments at Agassiz Park in Calumet.