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      Dickinson County kids learn about crime scene investigation

      For many kids in Dickinson County, summer means science.

      All summer long, the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District offers science camps organized by grade and age. This week, fourth graders are learning the ins and outs of investigating a crime scene.

      â??Today is just the introduction where they actually get to come in and look at the crime scene,â?? said instructor, Stacy Bruno. â??We talk about what kinds of tools you need to investigate a crime scene, just as they do it in real life.â??

      The week-long program goes through the stages of observation and deduction, crime labs and testing, to finally a trial and a sentencing. Some of the students already posed their ideas of what they think took place at the crime scene; others are waiting until more investigation is reached.

      â??My friends that came here, they were working with me and we came up with some good ideas and they probably weren't the best, and it probably wasn't what happened, but we were thinking of that,â?? said camper, Charlie Christesen.

      Throughout the summer, other science camps involving robotics, swamp science, and rockets will take place through August. Stacy says many of the students have waited years to get to the crime scene camp.

      â??A lot of kids have been doing these since kindergarten, and they just can't wait for this one because they've heard from siblings. They get really excited,â?? Bruno said.

      At the end of each science program, there is a special cookout to celebrate a successful camp. If youâ??re interested in other camps still being offered this summer, visit the DIISD website here.