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      Dickinson County Road Commission to receive funding

      Over $115 million dollars of funding has been granted to the state of Michigan for road repairs. $7 million of that is going to the Upper Peninsula as part of the Roads and Risks Reserve Fund. In Dickinson County, the road commission decided to use the funding on a few miles of County Road 569, which connects Highway 69 with Highway 2. The road commission said the road has high traffic due to logging trucks, and civilians trying to connect to Highway 2.

      â??We actually went through a process including Pasar ratings, asset management, traffic counts, really studied the whole county to see where the need was,â?? said Dickinson County Road Commission superintendent, Jim Harris. â??That road was in a poor condition; it was probably the road in the most need based on traffic volume and asset management, and we went ahead and moved on that. Weâ??re very fortunate to get the funding,â?? Harris said.

      The commission will receive $775,000 dollars of funding. Four other UP road commissions received funding, including delta, Schoolcraft, Menominee, and Alger counties.