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      "Diet" proposed for Upper Michigan highway

      Changes in the US-2 lane system in Norway could be in the city's future after a meeting on Monday when the Norway City Council heard a proposal to change the current four-lane highway to three lanes.

      The proposed change would include single lanes on either side with a center turn lane. The current four-lane road has some residents concerned about safety, but the new proposal isn't something they're too satisfied with either.

      "I'm sort of right in the middle right now," said business owner Art Dumais. "I think it's a good thing, as a parent, because my daughter walks to school in the morning, and it does slow down the traffic more to go on a diet of the road. As a business owner, I worry about people pulling out; is it going to be harder for them to get in and out?"

      The proposal considered is what they're calling a "road diet" or slimming down of lanes. The city council has until August 30 to make a final decision.