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      Different breed of horse competitions

      Halter and performance shows are a whole different breed of horse competition--it's all based on looks. Both riders and their companions are judged on form, posture and riding ability.

      â??Depending on the class, if its equitation, it is judged on the rider. If its horsemanship or pleasure, it'll be judged all on the horse,â?? says competitor Lauren Champion.

      Judges want to see a horse that looks pleasurable to ride. A horse that doesn't respond won't fit the winners circle.

      â??It takes a lot of years of practice and depends on the teamwork you have with your horse,â?? says competitor Miranda Weber. â??It takes time and dedication in the saddle.â??

      A poorly-performing horse is considered to reflect the ability of the rider. Miranda has been riding for 18 years and has over 100 blue ribbons, which she says wasn't easy to achieve.

      â??I ride seven days a week and spend about 10 hours a day out in the barn,â?? Miranda says. â??My best advice is that practice makes perfect, and if they put in the time, it'll only get better.â??