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      Different location for boathouse is being looked at

      The Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club is looking at a new location for their boathouse.

      An update of their plans was presented on Monday night's Marquette City Commission meeting.

      The original plans had the boathouse being built by Founders Landing. Now due to public concern, the site has shifted to a location near the Hampton Inn.

      It will be available for the public use with both non-secure and secure storage.The plans also include some limited parking, a pavilion, picnic area, and restrooms.

      The boathouse would be built and managed by the rowing club, but the city would own it.

      An official proposal is still in the works.

      "Well, I think with some of them yes. Not all I don't know that we can please everybody, but we certainly try to take everyone's concerns into account. And, see if we can make the best out of everything," said Chief Mike Angeli.

      There was also significant concern from citizens on the proposed truck route ordinance.

      An official public hearing will be held on the topic July 9th at the Lakeview Arena.