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      Digital tablets pose somewhat of a challenge in school

      In Mrs.Augustine's eighth grade class, students are using the ASUS tablet for grammar review.

      "It depends on what you're using it for. I still believe that it's still like any other piece of technology, so it's great for certain aspects of the curriculum," said Augustine.

      Principal Carrie Meyer says there are some challenges when it comes to the ASUS at the middle and high school level.

      "With the tablet, we struggle with the process of typing out the notes in the classroom or even typing up a research paper on a tablet," said Meyer.

      Emily Gasperich is a second grade teacher in L'Anse and says the introduction of the ASUS tablets is giving her students a much more effective way to learn.

      "The tablets are going great. The apps and the web-based programs that I allow them to use give them continuous learning. If you give them a worksheet, they don't have anybody telling them right away if they're doing a problem correctly or not," said Gasperich.

      The school passed out the tablets to second and eighth students at the beginning of the school year.

      "Sometimes we go on Super Note and write stuff in ABC order or spelling words," said Addison Dompier, second grader.

      This is a pilot project, and the school says they're still evaluating the tablets to see what best fits the district.