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      Diligence of Bay Cliff camper affecting those around him

      There's only one week left for campers at Bay Cliff Health Camp. This summer, TV6 has been following 15-year-old Tim Minier from Ironwood.

      Tim is diligently working toward walking without assistance.

      People who know Tim well are seeing big differences in more than just his walking, and his big strides are also having a strong affect on other campers.

      One of Tim's former counselors returned to Bay Cliff this week for a visit. Justin Buzzo worked at the camp for four years but has actually known Tim since he was born.

      "He's always wanted to be a leader and be in charge of everything he had to do," said Buzzo. "Even then, four or five years ago, he was always in charge of his therapies, always knew what he had to do."

      In the past week, Tim progressed to being able to get around camp with just his walker, not requiring assistance from anyone else. Buzzo noticed big changes since before Tim's surgery in May.

      "(He's) taking his time, not slouching or anything; he's walking straight up, but he always has that charismatic feel to him," he said. "He's always stopping and talking to people."

      Tim is often interacting with his fellow campers, especially his cabinmates. fourteen-year-old Kyle Schuhknecht from Negaunee is inspired by Tim's up and down journey.

      "It's amazing what he can do because he's had all of this stuff done to him," said Kyle.

      Tim also shares his cabin with 17-year-old Matthew Claud of Champion. Matthew recalled a long walk he recently took, saying he imagined Tim doing it, and then set off to do it himself.

      "It's motivating for me because I feel like if he can spend an entire day walking, then I can do it as well," he said.

      Buzzo said that's just part of who Tim his.

      "Everything he does, he tries to help other people and encourages them through himself," Buzzo said.

      Tim plans to spend the coming week doing a lot of walking as he gets ready to head home next Saturday.

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