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      Discovering host bids farewell

      Since 1982, you have welcomed him into your homes every Monday night, bringing you up-close scenes of the great outdoors. It was just one man shooting, editing, writing, and hosting Discovering, with Buck LeVasseur.

      "Climb up or walk through a swamp chasing moose. It was quite a job, but I loved it every minute. Every minute of it," said Buck LeVasseur.

      Discovering is about exploring the U.P. and all it has to offer. Buck has pretty much seen and filmed just about everything in the U.P.

      "How many people saw a sharp-tailed grouse dancing, but I showed them. How many people saw bear fighting? I showed them. How many people saw so many of the wonderful things; a moose attacking a camera man? I showed them," LeVasseur explained.

      For Buck, the show is more of a celebration of life, capturing Upper Peninsula people doing U.P. things in the outdoors.

      "It might be an older couple that lives off the land. Those are neat stories. Might be the guy who is in a wheelchair and built a cabin in the mountains. I've done that one," LeVasseur said.

      However, after undergoing three back surgeries just last year, he's found himself no longer able to continue the show. He's now officially passing the torch to Brian Whitens, who has been covering for Buck over the past year.

      "It would stay the same, but I would add in maybe my own little twist here and there. I like to travel a lot. I like to give it that sense of traveling around. So it'll change up a little bit, but the backbone of it will stay the same, in the sense that no matter what, it's a celebration of the people and places of the Upper Peninsula," said Brian Whitens, new host.

      "Still want to leave the message that, 'This is Buck LeVasseur saying, get out and enjoy the great outdoors!' That was always my line," LeVasseur said.