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      Discovering new crops

      Farmers headed out to Chatham Saturday to get a look at some experimental crops. The Michigan State University Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center in Chatham held an open house.

      Attendees took a hay ride out to the farm and was even able to indulge is some locally made ice cream. Generally the farm hosts an open house every other year, but due to an expansion in the variety program, it was decided to bring farmers in to take a look at this yearâ??s experimental crops.

      "It's usually an all day format. We have people in teaching and doing more workshop style classes, but this year we figured let's just get people out in the field, give them some ice cream and talk about crops," said Ashley McFarland of the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center in Chatham.

      Even though an open house was held this year, there will still be an open house next year that has a more similar format to previous years. It's alright if you missed Saturday's open house because the farm is open everyday for the public to check out.