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      Divers and enthusiasts seek 17th Century shipwreck

      For the last week, divers from France's Department of Underwater Archaeological Research, divers from the Great Lakes Exploration Group, and shipwreck enthusiasts have been searching the waters of northern Lake Michigan for a legendary lost ship.

      They're trying to determine if a ten foot wooden beam in the water is part of the Griffin, a 17th Century French explorer's ship.

      "The mud gets stirred up quite a bit, so it makes it actually kind of difficult to get good pictures for very long," said Rubangfilms diver David J. Ruck. "Because as soon as you get out, you get down there, you start stirring up the bottom and it makes it difficult to get good, clean pictures of what's there."

      The ship, commanded by French explorer La Salle, set sail in September of 1679 from an island near Green Bay with a crew of six and a cargo of furs.