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      DIY car care, stay safe

      With the recent death of a Calumet man who was working under his vehicle when it rolled off and pinned him, we're taking a look at some tips to help keep you safe while you work on your vehicle.

      Automotive experts in Marquette recommend having the proper equipment when working under your car. They say cinder blocks and bumper jacks are not meant to support the full weight of vehicles for extended periods of time.

      If you do use a ramp, make sure you have your tires blocked. Experts say doing it yourself may cost you, if your not prepared.

      "You might save a buck but you could loose an arm, leg, your life, it's not worth it if you don't have the proper tools it's not really something that you should mess with," said Bob Frak of Marquette Automotive.

      "The car falls so fast from such a short distance there's not a chance that you'd ever have of getting out of it's way."

      car care experts say, before you raise your car, make sure your on flat level ground. The best surface is concrete or pavement not gravel.