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      DNR acting on nuisance bears in Iron River

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      Even though it's bear hunting season in Michigan right now, the DNR is cautioning residents, specifically in Iron River, about nuisance bears in the area.

      Sightings have been reported of bears that seem to be habituated, that is, they're showing no fear of humans, and refusing to leave. The Michigan DNR is encouraging the public to do their part by removing any potential food sources such as birdfeeders and garbage.

      â??In this situation, we do have a sow with three cubs which means the situation is a little bit more different, a little bit more difficult to deal with four bears instead of one single bear,â?? said DNR Sergeant Marc Pomroy. â??We do have some traps deployed in the area; we ask that you stay back from them, they are dangerous. We don't want any kids playing near them,â?? said Pomroy.

      If there are significant sightings of the sow and her cubs in Iron River, people are encouraged to call the Michigan DNR in Crystal Falls at (906) 875-6622. For more information on the bear hunting season, or additional information on nuisance bear prevention, you can visit the DNRâ??s website at