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      DNR asking public for input over Menominee River State Rec. Area

      Wednesday evening marked the first meeting about the Menominee River State Recreation Area. The park sits on the border of Michigan and Wisconsin.

      The DNRs say this was one of two, or possibly three, public meetings that will take place to gather information and create a plan of how to best manage the 10,000 acre park.

      The public meeting at Norway Elementary School was intended to get community input on resource management and recreation. The park management plan administrator, Paul Curtis, says it will benefit both Michigan and Wisconsin.

      "We can share staff, we can share resource information, we can do the planning together, we can share law enforcement responsibilities," said Curtis.

      Zones will be formed throughout the park for designated activities. Wednesday's meeting and public input will help the DNRs formulate which zones will be for what.

      The DNRs haven't decided when or where the next meeting will be, however, Green Bay and Marquette are in the discussion as a possible location, and press releases will be dispersed once a decision has been reached.

      Staff estimates the planning process will take anywhere from a year to eighteen months, and once it's complete, they will start searching for funding and implement the changes.

      If you can't make it to the meetings, you can fill out a survey at the link below to give your input: