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      DNR director talks natural resources and jobs

      Michigan Tech hosted Department of Natural Resources Director Keith Creagh Thursday morning for a presentation about utilizing Michigan's natural resources to drive the economy.

      Creagh says the abundance of forestry and state parks in Michigan should be used to keep young people in Michigan for jobs. He also says the Great Lakes provide many job opportunities because they hold 20 percent of the world's fresh water. Creagh says his main goal is to strategically invest in natural resources as job creation.

      He says it is vital to engage with universities and communities who live in these regions to figure out the best ways to implement these goals.

      "As we continue to have more demands on the resources, it's very complex and scientific in its management, and it's critical that we engage in scientific management of the resources so that we can resolve complex problems with scientific solutions," said Creagh.

      Also speaking at the event were Bill Bobier and Steve Casey, who spoke on the agricultural and rural development and environmental quality.