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      DNR orders feral swine killed

      The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued an order to eliminate wild boars from farms starting this month.

      The goal of the order is to eliminate all hunting and wild boar on Michigan farms. The DNR's order lists the swine as an invasive specie and say they pose a risk to spread disease to other animals and cause damage to agricultural lands.

      Although the order went into effect this past Saturday, the DNR is giving those in possession of the specific types of swine until April 1 before the DNR will begin giving fines for violations.

      "It will allow anyone who owns these or raises these swine to have a chance to do some extra hunting to get rid of the swine, recoup their investment by holding the hunts so people can pay to come in and pay to hunt the species," said Debbie Munson-Badini of the Michigan DNR.

      Legislation was passed last year making it legal to kill any wild swine as long as you possess any valid hunting license.