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      DNR raises wildfire danger alert during hot weather

      Saturday is expected to be one of the hottest days this year.

      Hot, dry temperatures combined with outdoor camping means a higher risk of wildfires.

      The DNR is urging people to be cautious when starting campfires.

      While campfires are legal this time of year, it's important to not leave the fire burning unattended or while you're sleeping.

      The DNR says while we may see plenty of greenery, the dry brush inside the forest is where the potential fire danger lies.

      "If you look out into the woods, that forest floor, there's hardly any green on it at all. We're waiting for some rain to bring up some of that greenery under the forest floor. Once that happens, then there's a lot less fire danger" says Celeste Chingwa from the Department of Natural Resources.

      The DNR says they try to extinguish a fire before it spreads 10 acres or more.

      In the event of a fire, don't waste time trying to put it out on your own, but call for help immediately.

      For more tips on preventing wildfires or to get your burn permit visit