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      DNR reports braver bears this summer

      The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says they're seeing more bears coming into residential areas.

      Biologists from the DNR say it's not a higher number than any other year but these bears are a little braver. The culprit for attracting them in most cases? Bird feeders.

      They say this time of year the bears are looking for foods high in fat and some bird seeds are rich in fats and nutrients.

      "We've had maybe a little bit bolder bears this year and really they're driven by their stomachs," says DNR biologist Brian Roell. "We really encourage folks now to put away the bird feeders; that's really the problem. So, if you put that food out for wildlife you can't be surprised when wildlife shows up."

      Roell also said leaving your garbage cans out overnight can bring in the unwanted bears. He said it's best to put it out right before your normal trash pick-up time.