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      DNR talks managing wolf hunts

      The Department of Natural Resources received input from the public Wednesday night on the possibility of a wolf hunting season.

      After recent action by Governor Snyder naming wolves as a game species, the Natural Resources Commission has asked the DNR to create a recommendation on how to manage wolves.

      So people had the opportunity to express their thoughts in a survey.

      The room was filled with people interested in learning more about the possibility of a wolf hunting season. The DNR says it's a way to deal with areas in the U.P. that are experiencing a loss of livestock because of wolves.

      "This is not going to open up the whole Upper Peninsula to wolf hunting," said Brian Roell, DNR wildlife biologist. "This is going to be on a limited basis with limited take to help us resolve where we have negative impacts with human and wolf interface."

      They say it will not be a recreational sport but rather another option for conflict resolution. Currently they have other management tools in place allowing the kill of nuisance wolves.

      Some supporters of a wolf hunt say it will not wipe out the population.

      "You hear a lot of things from people saying, well, they're going to take them all out, or people are worried about losing the wolf on the landscape. There's no talk of that whatsoever," said George Lindquist, supporter.

      Wolf hunting would only be allowed in problematic areas, mainly the western part of the U.P.

      However, for some, it's not a solution.

      "If the DNR were saying, look, we are going to hire some trained wildlife sharpshooters to go after problem wolves, they might have a better stance on that argument," said Aimee Cree Dunn. "However, whatever their intent is, I think what it will create is an atmosphere of sports hunting for the wolf."

      They will host two more public meetings next week in Gaylord and Lansing.

      Once officials with the DNR have reviewed all the surveys, they will come up with a recommendation for the NRC. They expect that to be done around May.