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      DNR to restore trout fisheries with lake reclamation plans

      The Department of Natural Resources plans to conduct lake reclamations to restore the trout fisheries of Bullhead and Dillingham lakes in Luce County.

      The DNR plans on conducting these reclamations this coming October. A lake reclamation consists of restoring a lake system to a more natural state through science-based efforts. Field crews will apply an organic compound called rotenone that will reduce all fish populations in the lakes to facilitate successful brook trout restocking next spring. Rotenone is not harmful to birds or mammals at the concentrations used for treatment, and will not accumulate in the soil, water or plants, as the compound breaks down fairly quickly.

      Both lakes currently suffer from undesirable stunted yellow perch populations, which out-compete brook trout for resources. Future brook trout management is not possible unless these perch are removed.

      Bullhead Lake is a five acre lake that has been stocked with brook trout on an annual basis since 1993. Dillingham Lake is a 16 acre lake that has been stocked with brook trout since 1950.