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      DNR warns of oak wilt disease spreading in U.P.

      The three month window when oak wilt can be transmitted from diseased to healthy red oak trees ends on July 15. But the DNR says residents should not move wood from trees with oak wilt.

      The disease spreads this time of year as beetles move spores from trees killed last year by oak wilt to wounds on healthy trees. Oak wilt has been found in counties along the Wisconsin border, but can be easily spread and kill trees within a matter of days.

      â??Oak wilt is a real problem and what we are trying to do is spread the word so we can find out where all the oak wilt is and get rid of those sportsâ?? said Dr. Robert Heyd, forest health specialist. â??Fortunately you can get rid of it. Then put the message out to not move oak fire wood from areas that have oak wilt to where you are.â??

      You can usually tell if a tree is infected if it drops its leaves suddenly. If you suspect an oak wilt site you should have it confirmed by the Department of Natural Resources