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      Do college students know about Syria?

      Itâ??s the issue most of the world is keeping up-to-date on, but just how much does the average college student know about the conflict in Syria?

      President Obama favors military intervention and removing Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. Americans stand divided on what, if anything, should be done about it.

      Foreign policy professors at Michigan Tech said although school has only been in session for a few days, theyâ??re already teaching on it.

      â??Carefully,â?? said American Foreign Policy professor Mary Durfee, when asked how she brings up the topic. â??Americaâ??s split on this. One of our military history professors said he polled his class. Sixty percent were opposed; thatâ??s very much like the national average.â??

      Many students, both American and international, admitted they donâ??t know much about the war.

      Some students said in a day and age where information is more readily available, there should be no excuse for not knowing whatâ??s happening in the world today.

      â??There doesnâ??t seem to be a widespread interest in caring about this issue, having an opinion on it,â?? lamented student Edward Louie. â??America today doesnâ??t seem like it was back in the Vietnam War when college students would all sit together and protest the war in Vietnam. Weâ??ve become seemingly an apathetic society.â??

      Many internationals students declined giving their opinions because they could be in jeopardy of losing government scholarships for doing so.

      But Durfee said after knowing the history behind the civil war and reviewing the current facts, a military intervention just doesnâ??t make sense.

      â??The president seems to be changing his goals. Which is it?â?? said Durfee. â??I think that because we could bring him [al-Assad] up on a longer-term thing, crimes against humanity, that would be a positive thing to do. Moreover, I think the refugee crisis is where we should spend our billion dollars. I say, take the billion dollars and help the countries that are doing their humanitarian duty.â??

      â??Iâ??m just disappointed that in a world where so many problems and other issues are going on that this war in Syria is taking place,â?? added Louie.

      President Obama stated Friday he plans to address the nation on the issue Tuesday.