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      Do not leave snow on roadway

      With snow piling up in roads and driveways, there's a concern about proper plowing procedures. The Michigan Department of Transportation wants to remind everyone that certain safety precautions must be met when it comes to plowing your driveway. The Michigan vehicle code prohibits snow from being pushed into lanes or shoulders on the road. Snow should be plowed into lawns or somewhere else that won't interfere with traffic. If snow must be pushed across a road, no trail of snow should be left behind. It can make roads bumpy and icy as temperatures change. Snow also should not be plowed so that it affects the visibility of other vehicles.

      "So if you plowed snow into the right-of-way or off your driveway and it impacted people's ability to see the road as they're departing the driveway, that could be a violation of the Michigan vehicle code," said Andy Sikkema from MDOT.

      Violations could result in a fine.