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      Do you believe in hypnotism?

      Weâ??ve all seen hypnotism comedy sketches on TV or in movies where people are magically put to sleep on cue. Thatâ??s purely entertainment.

      Imagine being hypnotized via...Skype! That's how Jessica Laxo of Marquette connects with Anita Miller, a clinical medical hypnotherapist, based out of Ohio. This is her third hypnotherapy session, and it all happens through an iPad.

      â??I actually circumnavigated Lake Superior in a canoe, and at the end of the trip, thatâ??s when I started noticing the back pain," explained Jessica Laxo.

      Laxo met with doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists, but no one was able to diagnose the back pain.

      Anita Miller says one week of hypnotherapy is like a year of talk therapy. During the state of focused relaxation, Ms. Laxo is fully conscious. Hypnosis helps train her subconscious to get to a place of comfort.

      â??I have a lot of faith with what Anita does, and I believe in the power of mind over matter," Laxo explained.

      She adds that the relief provided by medical professionals was merely short-term.

      Right after her hypnotherapy sessions, the pain almost feels 100 percent gone, although it does eventually return.

      â??It can assist with just about any medical condition,â?? said Anita Miller. â??The fact of the matter is, when the body and the mind are in a state of relaxation and peacefulness, then the healing is free to occur."

      This hypnotherapist says the pain can be reduced because the subconscious talks to the nervous system.