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      Do you have a will ready?

      A will ensures your property is given to the people you want to have it. You can have an attorney draft a will or you can do a short-form stationary will where you basically buy a form kit and fill in the blanks.

      â??Or actually, you can just take a sheet of paper and a pen, date it, write out in your own handwriting who gets what and sign it," says Delta County Probate Court Judge, Robert Goebel, Jr.

      He says if you take that route, it doesn't have to be notarized or witnessed.

      But what else does a will designate?

      â??People who have children is another important reason to have a will. What if you and your husband both died in an airplane crash? Who would be guardians of your children?" Goebel says.

      Without a will, a probate court judge will have to consult the law and make the decision of what property goes to which family members.