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      Do you have room in your home and heart for a child?

      Blaine likes to tinker with mechanical gadgets and figure out how things work.â??I wonder if that one works.â?? said Blaine.He likes pets and is very concerned about their well being, even those he recently met, like this turtle at the U.P. Children's Museum. Of all of the desires Blaine has, what he would like most is a loving home. Blaine is originally from a small town and has been without a family for two years. He prefers living in the country where he can ride his bike and play outside.â??There are many qualified parents who should consider adopting a child,â?? said Terri Brittan, the adoption specialist with the Child and Family Services of the Upper Peninsula. â??My experience so far has been that people do not believe they're good enough or don't know enough to be adoptive parents and really you are.â?? says Terri.Prospective parents will have to undergo an investigation to ensure the child is placed in a suitable home. Kids like Blaine are excited about the possibility. He is hoping that a family selects him as a new family member.â??There's no better gift to the world than providing a place for a child because you never know what they're going to be because they're under your tutelage. It's exciting,â?? said Terri.If you have room in your home, your heart and would like to be the change and adopt a child, please contact Terri Brittan at the Child and Family Services of the Upper Peninsula by calling 906 228-4050.