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      Do you know someone who needs a new furnace?

      Do you know a family that may be in need of a new furnace? Well, Hudson Mechanical is looking to give a free one away.

      It's part of Heat Up Wisconsin, a program started by Lennox Heating and Cooling as a way to give back to the community.

      They will give away 100 natural gas, high efficiency four-star furnaces throughout the U.P. and Wisconsin, and install it themselves for free.

      The furnace saves about 35 percent more fuel consumption over a standard furnace.

      All you have to do is nominate someone deserving of it.

      "It's just a good way to get everyone involved with helping each other out," said Matt Greer, Sales Manager. "I mean it starts with a friend or a neighbor seeing someone in need that might not be able to directly help them, but can get their story available and across to somebody that is fortunately able to do something about it this year."

      You have until September 15 to do so.

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