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      Do you know what to do in the event of a fire?

      Kids from Father Marquette Elementary School found out what to do during a fire on Wednesday morning.

      The Marquette City Fire Department brought in their portable fire safety house to show the kids exactly what they need to do. The kids went over different items that can burn or be dangerous to them in the kitchen.

      Following that, under the direction of firefighters, the kids performed drills to escape a simulated burning room.

      "It kind of gets ingrained in their mentality, their overall general view of safety in and around them," said Captain Dean Mallos of the Marquette City Fire Department. "And fire drills in the schools help emphasize that, so it's a good experience."

      The kids also learned what they need to know when calling 911. The Marquette City Fire Department teaches around 600 kids yearly through this presentation.