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      Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

      Bing Crosby enchanted us with it. Scrooge couldn't stand the thought of it. But these Hollywood classics all had one thing in common: a day Christians around the world identify as the birth of Christ.

      "Christmas derives of course, from Christ, from Jesus, his becoming man, God's becoming man and dwelling among us, living among us, and then mass comes from the Catholic mass," Father Ryan Ford, of St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette, said.

      So why then so many of us only say Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings? Dozens of our Facebook followers and others seem to think they're too generic. So we took to the streets for answers.

      "I think that's so commercial, Christmas is what brings us in and that's why we buy gifts for one another because of the gift that Christ gave to us," Melissa Sheldon said.

      "We need to keep in focus that it is the birth of Jesus and that is the reason for the season and keeping that focus of celebrating his birth here on Earth," Andrea Boeshaar said.

      Turns out, there's no wrong answer. After all, holiday comes from the word Holy, meaning "dedicated or devoted to the service of God."

      On Facebook, Lynn Savola said, "It doesn't bother me to hear Happy Holidays, and I don't think that the people who say that do not believe in Christ. It's just a holiday greeting."

      "We shouldn't be afraid to say Merry Christmas, and if we say Happy Holidays, just recognize where it comes from," Father Ryan Ford said.