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      Do your pets suffer from allergies?

      Spring is in the air, and for many people, that means spring allergies, but the warmer, wet weather can also mean allergies for pets.

      Dr. Sue Laskaska of Bay Veterinary Clinic in Gladstone says she's treated about six dogs that have had allergies in the last week.

      Gabrielle, a Samoyed, is an allergy patient. Underneath all her thick, white hair are two â??hot spots.â?? Sheâ??s licked these itchy spots until they were raw. They're a tell-tale sign of allergies. Other symptoms include ear infections and rashes.

      â??Dogs have allergies for life, just like people do,â?? explained Dr. Laskaska. â??If the allergies go untreated, they almost invariably end up with chronic repeat skin and ear infections as well."

      Pet owners can't do a lot of allergy prevention, since allergy triggers are often seasonal. The vet suspects that Gabrielleâ??s allergies are caused by mold, since the weather is warming up and it's becoming springtime.

      The best defense is to treat wounds with cortisone injections and oral and topical antibiotics.

      â??Her level of itch will hopefully be improved by 85 to 90 percent," Dr. Laskaska explained.

      Just like humans, the vet says pet allergies are for life. Still, they're easy to control. Unfortunately, the height of allergy season doesn't end until it gets really cold again.

      During peak allergy season, the vet says almost 50 percent of pets will get seasonal allergies.