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      Doctor gives the gift of sight, free of charge

      One day a year hundreds of people throughout the United States are given the gift of sight at no cost to them. This is Mission Cataract Day and an opthalmologist in our very own community is eagerly involved.

      This day is a typical surgery day for opthalmologist John Michael Garrett and his staff except for one thing: they are all volunteering their time. Mission Cataract USA began in 1991 to ensure those without insurance or financial resources have the opportunity to correct their vision.

      "There's quite a bit of detail in orchestrating this program. We have to get donated supplies from the drug companies, the implant companies, and my employees work for free," said Dr. John Michael Garrett.

      Dr. Garrett and his staff have faced difficulties due to the rough economy but hope to keep giving the gift of sight year-round.