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      Documentary looks at causes of decreasing water levels

      The great lakes make up over 20-percent of the worlds freshwater and 95-percent in the U.S.

      However, just last year the lakes reached an all time low in water levels.

      Now one man is looking for answers and solutions with the production of a documentary called Drain.

      Production is under way in Munising and regions along the great lakes for Drain. Drain brings to light the cause of falling water levels.

      "The Great Lakes are a public trust they belong to all of us and it's really our responsibility to make sure that this amazing resource is viable," said John Trefry, director.

      Director John Trefry with ties to the U.P. came across the issue during a previous documentary in 2009, with many locals referencing the drain in the St. Clair River. So, in the documentary he sets out for answers from researchers with NOAA, USGS, AND Army Corps of Engineers.

      Trefry says there's been at least 15 inches to more than 2 feet decrease in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron caused by dredging in the St. Clair river back in the 1960s.

      "In deepening projects like this the Army Corps of Engineers will install what are called compensation measures to ensure that the outflow remains the same even though they've removed material from the waterway, but that was actually never done," Trefry said.

      The documentary also explores a viable solution created by the Army Corps of Engineers and approved by congress.

      "Even though you've removed a lot of material from the bottom land of the St. Clair River those sills and compensation structures try to create an equilibrium of what the outflow was naturally," Trefry explains.

      While there are other natural factors for the drop in water levels, Trefry says this one is man made that can be fixed. So, documentary is just the beginning, it's a movement to raise funds for a plan that provides a permanent.

      For more information or to support the cause financially click here.