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      Does your New Year include a wellness plan?

      Itâ??s that time of year again when people start to examine their health; some may be looking to lose weight.

      â??The New Year kicks off everybody's New Yearâ??s resolutions; â??Iâ??m going to get back in the gym and Iâ??m going to get fit,â?? and a lot of people haven't done it in the past nine months,â?? said Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sara Edlebeck.

      But as Sara with UP Rehab Services in Iron Mountain explained, those who are unprepared could see some unwanted injuries.

      â??We often go and get our physicals every year for our overall health, but we forget about our muscular skeletal system, and the integrity of our bones, joints and muscles are extremely important,â?? Edlebeck said.

      Diane and Larry Ross of Iron Mountain exercise regularly, and they own the local GNC store, so they recognize the importance of their health. But theyâ??re not immune to injuries, which is why they're looking to an overall wellness plan.

      â??The reason I came to rehab is, well I exercise year-round, and, of course, everyone's starting with the â??New Year New Youâ??, and from my experience, the elbow has held me back, and I want to get it good and back so I can hit the gym harder than I have been,â?? said Diane Ross.

      They say to keep in mind that change won't happen overnight, but by combining resources, you can start to see results.

      â??Start with incremental goals; don't say 'I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of Januaryâ?? because that's not realistic. Start with goals that are attainable,â?? Edlebeck said.

      â??Start with a good multi-vitamin,â?? Ross said. â??Most people don't eat well; it's a well-rounded way to get some of your nutrition supplements.â??

      UP Rehab Services in Iron Mountain offers free injury screenings to make sure it's safe to start your wellness plan, and they also provide free wellness blueprints that track your health year-to-year. Visit their website here for more information on screenings.