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      Dog attack sparks concerns

      A recent dog attack on a girl living in the Bronx now has dog owners making sure they're taking the right precautions with their pets.

      The conversation about leashing dogs stems from an incident caught on surveillance last weekend in New York. A girl was walking down a street with her grandmother when a dog bolted towards the girl, attacking her. After receiving help, the girl was taken to the hospital with no major injuries.

      So what should dog owners keep in mind with their pets to make sure attacks don't happen?

      "Sometimes my dog can get ornery, sometimes other dogs are ornery, so it's better to have her leashed," said dog owner Joseph Heyrman. "Otherwise, if she's going to be out for awhile and I'm busy doing stuff, I'll chain her up."

      Experts say in residential areas especially, it's important to monitor your dog's activity, or at least be sure to leash them up so attacks like this one won't happen again.