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      Dog beaten and stabbed to death

      State police are trying to figure out who fatally beat and stabbed a dog in broad daylight. A Newberry family says they came home last week to find the body of their family pet still tied to it's chain.

      Skilard Wilcox's 4-year-old lab-mix, named Max, usually welcomed her home everyday. But last Monday she found him lying dead in the mud.

      "I got to standing by the tree over here in my backyard and I seen that he was cut in the stomach and he was still on the chain and everything" said Wilcox.

      She immediately called 911. Police arrived and began investigation. While doing so, they also found a gash on the dog's head.

      "I've heard of people doing in the middle of the night where nobody was around. But in broad daylight somebody's got a lot of guts to do it" Wilcox said.

      Michigan State Police aren't releasing many details as of yet due to the nature of this case. Wilcox says another neighbor had dealt with a similar situation two weeks ago. The neighbor told her she came home to find her cat dead.

      "I guess the cat's neck was snap and she wasn't home either" Wilcox said.

      TV-6 will update this story as more information becomes available.