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      Dog survives multiple gun shots

      Mitzi, a Bichon Jack Russell Terrier, was shot several times on the afternoon of Saturday, July 20. She's now recovering from her wounds.

      "She's far from being herself. This is one of the gunshots here that went just behind her eye," said Robert Johnson.

      Her owner, Robert Johnson, says he was playing ball with Mitzi in his yard on Johnson Road. He turned to show his garden to family and then he heard several shots.

      "Heard this loud squeal and we ran up the road just about a hundred fifty feet or so. Then, we found Mitzi on the side of the road just covered in blood," Johnson explained.

      Johnson quickly got her to Bayshore Animal Hospital.

      "It looked like some sort of ammunition had entered and exited, kind of in front one ear and behind, and also there was a big laceration on the side and a couple of other superficial wounds," said Dr. Tracy Nyberg, veterinarian.

      None of the shots penetrated Mitzy's body.

      Johnson's neighbor, Michael Baumann, is now facing charges in the incident. Johnson found Mitzy in the grass on his property about 150 feet away from Mr. Baumann's house. It's not clear if Mitzy was on Baumann's property or why the shots were fired. Johnson says he's never had a problem with his neighbor.

      He's glad no one else was hurt.

      "There are so many homes all around where these shots were fired and kids in the neighborhood. My grandkids pick blueberries literally within feet of where the shots were fired," Johnson said.

      Baumann will be back in court in August. For now, Mitzi continues to visit the vet weekly.