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      Dog training tips

      Does your dog disobey you? Well, it's not too late in showing him who's the boss.

      Brian Beckus writes, "Their needs (not what you think their needs are)--nutrition choices and consistency--are the foundation for successful training."

      You can attend classes with a dog whisperer. Kathy Glish, with the Alger county Animal Shelter, said that it's very helpful.

      "We had the help of Andrew, and he helped us learn everything there was to training dogs. If you look online, you can find dog trainers out there. Call your vets, call different shelters," said Glish.

      First, whatever you tolerate, dogs will think it's okay. So you should figure out what type of behavior you want from your dog. Don't overreact when you are training your pooch. Be consistent so that he doesn't get confused.

      The key when you first start off training your dog is to be clear and confident when you are talking to him. Experts say dogs understand body language and facial expressions more than words. So you want to use that when making commands.

      Use a higher lead on your dog when you are walking to avoid any unwanted behavior. Gently touch their stomach if they just aren't listening to get their attention You also should reward good behavior so they remember what's good.

      Andrew Bek, a dog whisperer, says avoid punishing them.

      "I don't believe in punishment because it doesn't work. I do believe in withdrawing your approval temporarily if they are doing something you don't like. Doing so doesn't mean you are withdrawing your love and affection, but you are not going to approve of that so you withdraw that feeling," said Bek.

      Experts also suggest to do your research before getting a dog. Know what type of dog you are looking for and what type fits your lifestyle. Reward good behavior with treats or the popular belly rubs. Remember it takes a lot of time and patience, but they will get it.