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      Dogs and skiers cross the finish line

      It is the 15th Noquemanon Ski Marathon, and Sunday marked the final day of the races.

      The Animoosh Skijor 12K was one of the many races that went on. Skijoring is when one or two dogs pull a cross-country skier.

      One hundred people registered for the event. Mike Christman was one of the racers who has been skijoring for the past six years, and his dog, Ridge, helped him cross the finish line.

      "He's a great house dog, and I love working with him. You know, there's such a great enjoyableness to working and training the dog and seeing him do great and seeing him enjoy what he loves doing," said Mike Christman, skijorer.

      Some of the skijorers had to share the trail with the snow bikers as they pedaled their way through a 12K race.