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      Dogs run for fun in Escanaba

      Multiple pooches spent some time with their handlers practicing agility skills.

      The K9 Corps Agility from Hortonville, Wisconsin hosted a Fun Runs Day in Escanaba on Saturday.

      Handlers got to run their dogs through a variety of obstacle courses. Some obstacles included a dog walk, a frame, hoops, and tunnels.

      They had different courses for practicing the touch down, chances, gators, and hoopers. All of these tested different skills.

      "Dog has to learn independence also and be able to work on it's own. So, agility training gives the dog a job, gives them a sense of confidence, and it develops a bond between the handlers and the dog." said co-owner Jeff Riedl.

      "He's 13 and he's been doing this since he's been about a year. And, he enjoyed it." said dog owner Linda Lavolette.

      More than 20 dogs participated in the training session. K9 Agility plans to come back and host a trial in August.