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      Dogs strut their stuff for annual show

      Cindy Butsic and her Lhasa Apso, Best in Show winner

      Saturday marked the second day of the Marquette Kennel Club's 38th Annual Dog Show.

      The Lakeview Arena was filled with all types of dogs, their owners and pet lovers. Dogs were judged based on their breed standard like appearance and movement.

      Cindy Butsic and her Lhasa Apso, Kissy, won Best in Show on Friday.

      "It's exciting. It's what everyone here wants to do. That's what we're all here for, and only one can do it, so you feel lucky and happy," said Butsic.

      Spectators are welcome, and if you missed Saturday's show, you can see it one more time starting Sunday morning at 9.

      Admission is two dollars a person.